Bring back the radical roots of IWD…before it’s too late!

The more I am entrenched in the foundations of feminist theory the more I find myself disappointed in the approaching “Women’s Day” events (and the so-called women’s organizations) in Taiwan and around the globe. Though they may attempt to water-down its radical roots and and meaning, the term “feminism” is not, in fact, about “equality.”

As a student of women’s history, I find myself at times overwhelmed by the androcentric history (of nearly everything but particularly) of philosophy. For example, Descartes’ mind-body distinction, while not explicitly androcentric, is nonetheless understood to be androcentric when put in the context of Western culture where man is continually identified with mind (reason) and woman with body (irrationality). But studying philosophers of the past, like Rousseau, can be surprisingly relevant to present problems if we simply turn them on their collective heads; reading Rousseau is a useful exercise in knowing the enemy. Despite what we already know about these…

Medical malpractice has been committed on a global scale because few are willing to challenge an ideological lie.

Keira Bell — Photo from: The Economist

You may not have heard of this courageous young woman, but she is raising awareness worldwide of the dangers of gender ideology. Thanks the judicial review brought by Bell, the age for prescription of puberty blockers for children has been raised.

Why is this a big deal?

Bell is one of a growing number of detransitioners who are realizing all too late that what they experienced in Tavistock’s GIDS (Gender Identity Development Service) and Portman NHS Foundation Trust (UK), was a form…

This is being used on social media to promote incorrect statements about sex and gender in Taipei, Taiwan

I have seen this poster floating around groups in Taipei. I do not doubt that the people presenting it are well-meaning, well-intentioned people who want to build a more equal and just world. I have to ask myself, have they taken the time to critically examine the assumptions underpinning these beliefs they propagate in service of a particular ideology? The poster contradicts what I teach my students, and what I will be teaching my students in the future as a professor. They are teaching and encouraging the use of terms that seem to be purposely manipulative, illogical and irrational by…

When Victimhood Culture Meets Queer Theory:
Using identity politics to mask misogyny

Part I of a two part series

A quote from the late, great Audre Lorde.

As I have reentered academia and started to express my opinion more openly on social media, I have seen how women are the primary targets of intimidation as a tool of silencing. My male friends, and especially the ones who are gay, seem safe from the same abuse I experience, despite sharing the same views that I hold. It seems that they, as men, did not carry the risk of a sustained harassment campaign as this abuse is almost entirely directed at women. Why? I decided to throw whatever free time I had…

What has happened to our universities?

A plea for free speech.

The author defending her Master’s thesis in Taipei, Taiwan.
The author defending her Master’s thesis in Taipei, Taiwan.
The author speaking at a university in Taiwan on the topic of Feminist Politics in the Middle East.

“If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.”
John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

In John Stuart Mill’s view, other people, no matter how numerous or powerful, simply have no right to prevent you from thinking freely or expressing your thoughts. Mill went further, saying that silencing speech was not only an offense against those who are prevented from speaking, but also against those prevented from…

Jaclynn Joyce

Hawai’i born PhD student who is now based in Taiwan. Devourer of books, amateur historian, travel junkie and educator. A curious mind in search of the rational.

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